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    Chunky block numbers & symbols to decorate your surroundings or create your own signage.

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    Designed by: Sean James

    Made in Sweden


    Chunky numbers allowing you the freedom to create your own internal signage or any number of fun phrases.
    The characters are 64mm thick and incredibly lightweight, so they're happy mounted on a wall or being left freestanding dotted around your space.

    Assembled Dimensions & Weight

    406mm(W) x 64mm(D) x 386mm(H)

    Packaged Dimensions

    421mm(W) x 243mm(D) x 110mm(H)


    Recycled paper board - click below for more info


    This is a paper based product and should be kept in dry conditions. Avoid prolonged contact with water. Wipe clean with a dry cloth. Properly cared for, this product can last a lifetime.


    This product is 100% recyclable. Recycle as corrugated material (well) or as paper packaging.

    Special Instructions

    No assembly required.
    No heavy lifting required.
    No excessively large parts.

    About the 'Jazz' apple

    Colour: Round with a rosy red skin that's splashed with butter yellow undertones.

    Taste: Hard, crisp and deliciously juicy.

    Did you know: Originating in New Zealand, Jazz™ is a trademarked brand of the 'Scifresh' cultivar and is a result of successfully breeding the Royal Gala and Braeburn apples.