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Spilled some coffee on the table? - No problem.

All our furniture in white, white/natural and black finish is supplied with a paper-based protective coating. The coating is applied to the most exposed surfaces on the furniture, such as shelves, foot-support, table and seat tops.

Coffee, red wine and blueberry stains comes of easily - just dry the surface with a dry or damp cloth. Furnitures in natural finish is not supplied with protective coating, as for our accessories. 

Make your piece of furniture last a lifetime.

Each product from The Apple Tree Company is paper based. Therefore it should be kept in dry conditions and avoid prolonged contact with water. Properly cared for, your piece of furniture can last a lifetime. 

Once your furniture has reached the end of its exicting form, simply recycle it as corrugated material (well) or as a paper packaging. - Except for the copper tag of course.

Odoo • Text and Image