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Sean James

Head of Design and Structural Engineering, Sean is the brains behind The Apple Tree Company's portfolio of exquisitely designed furniture and accessories.

So where did it all begin?
'Since the day I could pick up a pencil!' comes the reply. 'I was always drawing and creating weird and wonderful things on paper, and I guess I still am'

When it got serious

At the age of 16, a reluctant Sean started helping out his father by drawing up house plans in pen and ink for an ever growing list of clients.
This was a new discipline, but he was a natural and quickly got to grips with the technical requirements.  

It led to him going on to train as a draftsman, which deepened his passion and enhanced his skill, but also exposed him to new materials and new ways of working.
From there, it was straight to work for a commercial interior design agency, where for 10 years he honed his craft and ended up project managing some major developments.

Innovation & Product Design

Over the years, Sean progressed to design and produce work in a variety of substrates, but when an opportunity arose to work as head of product design for a new sustainable material manufacturer, he didn't have to think twice. 
He's considered an industry expert in the structural design and use of that material ( closed cell fibreboard ), which is the core of what we use in all our products.
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