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A bit about why we do this

We have worked in the world of retail design and display for many years, answering clients briefs for solutions to make their brands come alive in various channels and environments globally.

The things that were created would very often only be in store for a matter of months, or in the case of exhibition stands, a matter of days, then end up in a storeroom somewhere. 

The design would be relegated to the design archives. This was just the way it was - fulfil the brief and move on.

But this made us a bit sad, so we began to furnish and decorate our office space with some of these beautiful creations.  

This resulted in many of our friends, colleagues and clients over the years, marvelling at the things around our space and ultimately asking ‘can I buy this?’   

 So we decided to do something about it. Raking through our design archive, we carefully selected the pieces we are most proud of and took them back to the drawing board, further improving and enhancing them to bring you the collection you see here...the best of the best...and The Apple Tree Company was born.