Making the grade
...passing the design test

Each one of our products is handmade and comes with the Apple Tree Company's stamp of approval - your personal assurance of quality, sustainability and a guarantee that your beautifully crafted piece is fit for purpose

There's a perception that because it's made from recycled material, it won't be strong enough or last as long, but on the contrary, the boards are manufactured under a strictly controlled process which actually makes them as strong as timber.

Making sure the furniture is going to stand the test of time takes years of specialised training coupled with a deep understanding of the material and how it behaves. It's quite an art, because there's the added challenge of making it look good!

Once it's gone through a rigorous testing and prototyping process, we step back and again, ask ourselves one simple question; 

Is this good enough? 


The Apple Tree Company appoints UK Manager
Underpinning our commitment and belief in wellbeing and sustainability in the UK.